About CCWA

The Centre for Combinatorics on Words and Applications (CCWA) was established at Murdoch University (Perth, Western Australia) in late 2014.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide a forum for an international exchange of ideas, and the development of new theorems and algorithms related to combinatorics on words.
  • To publish ground-breaking theoretical and applied results in combinatorics on words, as well as in related areas (e.g., formal languages, automata, numeration systems) and its many application areas (e.g., computational biology, text compression, data mining, information security, software engineering, etc.).
  • To provide a meeting place for international researchers in combinatorics on words, string algorithms, and their applications.
  • To host international researchers in combinatorics on words and string algorithms at Murdoch University.
  • To host an annual meeting of StringMasters.
  • To maintain an on-line list of solved/open problems in combinatorics on words, with links to relevant publications (contributed by CCWA members).
  • To establish an international journal – Journal for Combinatorics on Words and Applications (JCWA) – for which CCWA members will form the Editorial Board.

Founders and Directors of the Centre


We welcome leading international researchers in combinatorics on words and related areas to become members of the CCWA and to contribute to, and support, its aims and activities. If you wish to join us or if have any queries about the Centre and its activities, please contact us.